Thursday, December 31, 2009

A baby named Nouvelle année


"At this hour a baby is born,
To grow from innocent soil.
To harvest dreams that once layed lost
yearning for the lights arrival.
"The powers within in you,"
whispers Father time.
As he mends the broken clocks.
Though backwards they are ticking
Forward through time,
they are just beginning.
A fresh count of the ticks & tocks"
*~SFD ©2009


Good bye 2009. You weren't just a year you were a chapter in my life.
Good morning 2010! I'm ready for this chapter to begin.
I'm frightened but so excited. Starting a new year is like gazing into the sky. You never really now whats out there, or whats coming. Things are happening just as they should. I put my faith in the year. To bring fortune to me that I can share with all of you. Let love/light be that treasure. This year my resolutions are secret. & will be something I work for on a daily basis. I hope truly you recieve whatever it is your heart desires to work for. You can have it all!

You can do nothing but make this Sunflower proud.
I am an Aquarius, well in love with you.


I can see the fireworks in your eyes. I hope this year explodes into your soul with flames of happiness and hope.

You deserve to be loved.
You deserve to love.
How privleged we are to be here on Mother Earth at this time.

Cheers! Let the 2010 begin Rockin'!!!



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