Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How To RunAway

Seal Your heart in your pocket
Make your memories a blank space
Sing a song
when there is fire
in your face
The first rain shower
The last snow
What reflection does a rainbow hold?
I'm taking her to get an abortion tomorrow
Feels like I'm going to an unfair funeral
Sing the sorrow
stuff the butterfly back into the cacoon
Play god
and runaway
just like you do

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Beauty is so purty
mmmm... tree
Don't look at me
A snack for the queen
posion between
drugged in a foreign land
never to return
or laugh again
Cig dresses
lost Lighter blues
Innocence is the braid
of times nuse
Look around
from the sky to the ground
this is as far as we go
The drop off:
The sun
at the end of the road
The end of our drive
Lets flip a bitch
and kill more hours
in the night
Lay a little longer
catch a star
burn out
more than just a wish
from a shooting star
Now you get to be
who you are
Your soul
native from your being
Don't destroy
like we did
sweet decoy
kiss of destraction
life of reactions
A clock
tick tock
suprises inside
look within
to figure without

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Sleep depervation

More like Dream depervation. Heres a list on whats on my mind.
*~the ever changing state of music
*~the butterflies of attraction (aka love)
*~Blue hair dye at my home waiting in the bottle
*~Random words mixing together attempting one solid poem
*~Paintings I must finish
*~Strangers with strange ways
*~Tom and Jerry
*~The lack of anything useful in todays cartoons
*~How stride gum sucks.
*~The silence of my job
*~My stab wound from my nose piercing
*~A weird urge to watch The Godfather
*~How I've been on this computer all morning staring into a box of white light.
*~The earth and stars

The Darkness of a Sunny day

Written songs that no one ever sings
Every hour of the day
the sun rays are changing colors
Every moment
we can dance in the rain showers
one confetti rain fall
Sitting on a box of clouds
Smoking away some days
Always curious of the faces
behind the walls
The wall of Faitour smiles
Come one, to be small
I rush away from the moon
Because I feel you
I feel my heart bursting
Splattered love all over
I thought I saw rain drops on the floor
Your eyes the clouds
Don't hurt anymore
Even when rivers run dry
When there's darkness
Beside the light
One final battle
The red stained shadows
Black stained souls.
Peace is now a fashion statement.
No longer the strength
The claw on the run
swooping down on innocent prey
The secrets silence sells

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Clock Strikes Eight

Bouquets of flowers to enrage the fire
Fragrant warmth
My guard a tower
satin smoke
dresses the child that shivers
silk tears to be sold
Tallied Cadavers
Engraved memories
buried hopes
I send the weeper to the gate
I summon the reaper to kill hate
Cursed thought
the expanding mind
what if we return to the state of dust
we are stars
he is correct
cosmic mistakes?
but that doesn't mean we aren't beautiful
we are the shimmer in the skies eye
you are the shimmer in mine
a hotel with golden stairs
jeweled animals
desks of pure water
and fish
i walk outside the the graffiti side walks
i run down the alley
i see a red fabric, I walk beside it
I feel like the rabbit
I've some where to be
late, so late
for a very important date
as I'm running...
i know the entire time
That I've already missed out
but i run faster
and my clock empties on to the floor
Inside was poisonous bread crumbs
I have the choice to retrace my steps and go back
But to where?
I ask the man in the top hat
(the same man who I've met on the high way
he once gave me a necklace. one glass tear
that contained all my sadness and fears
so i wear it around my neck to not live it in my life)
He gave me the answer
"What is the Point?"
"you are where you are
and you know where it leads
right back here
to give the same question to me"
i glanced back at the trail
then alley ahead
i was out of bread crumbs
my clock was dead
"where do i go when my time is up?What trail do i leave?"
he said,"why leave your self a trail?
Do you plan to retrace your steps?"
I realized the past is poison
I bowed
went to walk away
"wait, one more thing, my daughter
of dimes, Don't leave a trail, but leave your finger prints behind.
"i walked and smiled on
Came again to the still waters where i found peace
in the disturbances i caused
picking orchids
that were dripping with glittered dust.
I pick them for the fire
so they don't get the Stone angel's touch
Your late
so late for a very important date
run and empty the poisonous
fillings of your clocks
who is who to time true love?

Blue skies in June

Blue skies in June
The seeds dwell in youth
Your the light lamp
I am the moth
Attracted: a fool
Worn wings of maybes

I've heard the wind
as your whisper
Watched the sunset
Like your resting eyes
Dropped from the gallows
In your soul
Felt the darkness
as your disguise

Cockeyed babies
laying out on the stone
five o' clock at eight
when is our similar
or dreaming state?

The saddening promise
The frightening hope
There's no fear
Just blind sight
Built bridges outside
Let them crumble
As long as I'm
isolated with you

As you fade to the stars
We'll go side by side
Death is the only way
We'll ever part
The only way for forever
to start