Monday, March 26, 2007


Sometimes you really don't value the people you have until you have to leave them or they leave you. These last couple weeks have been too much of a roller coaster and its one of those rides where you just want it to end but it never does. My farewell party which was really fun was almost a month ago, but i never moved. I stayed at Mac's motel as most of you know. but i really don't want to talk about that too much or about whats going on right now. That shit is really depressing and depressing is always boring. I went too my new house, (which is the exact same house i grew up in) it gave me the chills i don't know why. Its almost as if my childhood is a ghost, and memories are coming back to haunt me. You'd of like my house back in the early 90's. I just know you would. It was a dis functional perfection. My favorite part was the big red rusty swing set. it wasn't that plastic five foot shit, oh no.... it was big enough it looked like you were going to descend right into the sky. its gone now, but you really would of loved it. Yesterday i was driving around in salt lake and i was trying to get to park city and back up to heber to pick up Noemi, Martha and Jill. We were going to go to the canyons and just chill. I got lost and by the time i found parleys i was out of gas. so i took this exit to try and find a gas station. It was desolate, but i met this bicyclist, he was stretching and looked so focused and determined... like he was lance Armstrong or something. I pulled over to ask for directions, he did what most people would do, i could tell he had no idea, because he kept pointing in different directions, and his numbers were worse then a sudoku puzzle, but he had that kind old man persona, the one where you want to ask him if he'll take you fishing and be your grandpa. I didn't mind that he didn't knew, its charming when people accidentally mislead you, it shows they truly wanted to try and help you. Either that or they don't give a shit if you take a desolate dessert road and end up dying. Who knows, but he really was like a grandpa. I ended up going back to salt lake. Because i couldn't find that exit he was telling me about. But damn it the city is so confusing.... i almost hit this guy who was riding his bike to, kind of a coincidence if you think about my bicycle encounters. I know I'm a bad driver... but i also happen to know i can turn left on a green light. He was wearing this kick ass peace Ty-dye tee. and he had his headphones on, probably blasting something I'd love like Eric Clapton or the doors. Well i almost hit him... fortunately we're both good at swerving, so he lived. I know i didn't scare him enough because he was able to flip me off and follow me three blocks to chew me out. Luckily i was wearing my Beatles shirt, because after he yelled, "Bull SHIT YOU FUCKER!!!!" he whispered as he drove of < "nice shirt" * followed by whispers**** "good band, good band" i think the Beatles saved me from getting mugged. i was kind of mad at him and when i went to Starbucks all i could think about was how guilty i felt about almost hitting a hippie brother, i wanted to follow him five buck and chew him out for yelling at me and thinking it was okay because we found common ground. but i would never do that. I'd feel guilty even more. But you'd of been shocked. I bet we could be good friends.
good night
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