Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why I'm scared to reproduce.

I am the youth
currently speaking
I am completly alone
soul solitude.
The man is after my mind.
I feel my mind is all I have left
Does any one else feel this choke of confusion?
Does any one feel left out of love.
I Trust NO ONE
blood shivers through my body
aching chills caresse my spine
up and through out
the naked mind
the bare mime
I've hate inside
this inner light i love so much
Past lives, full of hidden knives
stabbing into me, during any deja vou
razor marks, sacred love
turns at every corner
and the road long and traveled
keep changing below my toes.
longing to be where i may never go
i step my feet into holowed ground
i fall for miles and miles
I Don't forgive you for abanoning me to the wolves out there
Biting me, leaving me with bruises.
I know where to go, but can't you see I'm lost?
These words on your screen
are a scream for help
Can't i help you? Yes you..
far out there
fetched to another land
o' if the worlds exploding
let me go sedated.
i'm am the youth
and over the years
this world has become overrated

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Right off the top of my head.

I stare down at the cement, drying, hardening around my feet. Almost as if in a trance. Like the couch dwellers, whose fat becomes but a cushion in the sofa. Step outside and feel the 80' degree breeze. Lay out after falling to your knees. I love children's smiles. But I only see them frown, Noah didn't save the dentures and now all the smiles will drown. Love isn't an excuse, some love a hamburger and fries. Some love the tube, that dishes out free salted lies. Admiration is such a belittling affair, braiding the devils thin, brittle hair. Lack of vocabulary, text message pride. Hiding deep in the chips of a cellular device. O' your waves, radioactive and fair, swarming the air. I guess we are all spread pretty thin. I call an eight hundred number and my energy hangs long distance. I am a telephone line, and quite the machine, I am a robot-human-being. When your it forever, you must keep both eyes closed and the third eye wide. Web time is high time, fine is the linen of your cloak, rough as bark that we skin from the trees. Your story cheesy as a corny joke, but entirely intriguing. You've got the whole world at the mercy of your barrel. Click Click Click. Just like the blink of an eye. If I was a fish, How would you catch me? If no bait aroused my crave of taste? Are we the fishes, or are we the sea men. Sailing off through waves, Poseidon, wake and calm the shores. Poseidon creep through the open doors. The confusion of perception, the perception of confusion. The confusion of the perception of confusion. On & on it goes. To all of the end. Dead dandelions give me wishes. I blow the seeds from the stem, on to the floor, plant rise, plants die, and wishes come more and more. They cancel each other out. The cords wrapped tightly around the roots, below the floor, into the rocks, far down to the core. The earth has an inner light. Why can't I.
You know our light is being consumed by a black tar called fright? One moment, to ponder a bit....No, I'm right. It might as well be out of our hands, no one wants to fight. You say a revolutions needed, Lets make a commercial and advertise SPRITE. Or How about coco puffs, or a cruise for two. Lets buy a good time, lets buy a meal, lets bargain a deal. Might as well sell your soul, because everything has a price, if all your going to do is get old. I Don't know the Boa well enough to ask if he wants to strangle you and hang you from the vine. But if it happens take a picture and show myspace photos of the good time. Popping eyes out of their sockets, to be sneaky and see what is coming from behind. Cruise control 100mph speed under the bridges. One by one they crumble, and by seconds you miss them fall. So ashamed, take me to the cliff so I can let go of the edge. Down into the fire flamed water. sprawled on the charcoal floor. The bitch comes out to spill her speech, "I am the black man, I am the white, I am the tan man, I am blue. Your No color at all so I'll be The pig queen of shit, mock and hang you. give you no breath, no reason to live." sad, sad, simply because she can. This bait will never lure me in. I Go to the Forest to lay in nature and cry. Its all for adrenaline, I'm not going to lie. Heart attack in a can, Cancer in a pack. Can you say population control. Is the prison hiring? FREE ROOM & BOARD, KILL FOR US, BE CONVICTED AND WE WILL SERVE YOU CAVIAR. WINK WINK, SECURITY SHRINKS....you will never escape as long as the atmosphere holds tight. Or you can purchase a used rocket from antique NASA.com
I'm serious, just a silly goose, who weaves flowers and grass, into a hefty, nifty noose.