Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hola hola hola
so i'm in salt lake, sucks because i don't know any one yet, but i love our pawn shoppe, its kind of smelly though. i found some metallica albums there for 2$ which was cool. and a dVd for five bucks that has some old horror movies, DR. Blood's coffin... etc. etc. there fun to watch because there old, so its not to scary just creepy. I miss my cd case.... i lost both of them so all my music is gone, and i cant resort to my laptop because my sistas threw away the chord, and its weird the music i miss the most is Smashing Pumpkins, ahhhh.... i really want to hear Adore :( and in the arms of sleep, i think i have a music curse because i always loose music items like my i=pod :)
i'm bored and i know i didn't betray anyone