Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cant you see me when I hide?

Come inside the cave
Lets get lost together
O' what fun we'll have
Always by side by side
At different times of never & always tonight



The cliff has rocky walls
I'll catch you when you fall

Desolated in your soul
I think I can find my way
In the dessert your heart calls home

The dessert that,
Quenching my exsistance,
Hushes my fears

The dessert that makes the ocean look dry
& the water feel sandy






....Ah, __, Me, ___, ME, Om, __,Om.

Fill in the blanks the song is over.

Once, Obscured
Twice, Twisted
Third, is Quite the charming Bird!

Is it all I've ever wanted?
To be faded.
I guess not.

With Sepia toned sunshine I quote the light of the stars.
With Razor toned moon-Lune I breathe the colors of tunes.

Is it all you ever wanted.
To be faded.
I guess not.

Isn't alteration always changing.
I can hear all your feeling.
Can you feel all I Hear?

Dug in
Stretched out
Sunk into love with you

Swallowed the years
Carved the tally to my skin
Fell into hate with you

There are endless fields of stars waiting for us.

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