Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dancing Dead Heads.

People are always offering me acid. I'm not sure I like those drugs that make you trip, trip, TRIP. My experiances with psychedelic drugs haven't always been the best. At the same time they haven't always been the worst. Sometimes the visuals I get are quite spectacular. Then the problem is, after flying so high it is reality that disturbs me.

My experiances in nature both sober and "High" has saved my life. Realizing that you are never divided from earth and the spirit, is life changing. & I can't forget to mention the blessing of technology.

But why do hallucinogens?

Are we trying to force our minds to expand? Do we feel like its the only way to venture into the great unknown?
Or are we wishing to escape?

I'm not condoning drug use. I just wish I could live in the world my heart sees. Where you can see the forest breathing. Where the sun kisses you, even while you sit in the shade. Where you walk with exotic animals, & your favorite music is always playing.

I believe in the magic of this earth & the cosmos.
I'm working on making it a reality not a prescription.


Thats the one thing I love about this fucking life. Is that you really have the ability to be YOU. And that YOU is beautiful.

So don't lick the stamp, unless you really feel the need to.


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