Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Disconnected monster.

Flowing like a river
Rising like the dawn
I have found the babe wrapped in the world's sin

Emotions lead me to a virginal, vigilant state of mind

For reasons that need not be defined
I linger in the saddest shadows
Survived, Thanks owed, only to the light in your heart
The light in mine

I walk through the maze
Downing every daze that someone throws my way.

They then call me crazy.
They give me drugs over the counter and I take them.

Bow down!
Bow down!?

No! I won't.

The sky is like this mirror
There, constantly, dwells our reflection

The ground gets further and further
away from our true soaring purpose
that lays slaughtered in a field of purple flowers

The will dissapears into oblivion
Only to encourage us to get up and go

Words always find a way to fall short of what you want them to say.

I think not.
Can I be myself with out ridicule?

Aren't we all the same?

Is there a wall that divides us all?

Searching for the answer that exsisted before the question was made.

I stand as tall as I can.
Low enough to see the tourment, we tortue ourselves with.

Disconnected monsters.

Stop the war before it has a chance to begin.

Warriors in an advanced state.

PeaceMakers be sure your peace gets made.

Turn the switch of insecurity
Illuminate your true priority

Look for the mordancy in their promises.

The snake eyes overpowering virtue.

Wake up.

Taste the stars.
Bring them inside yourself.

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