Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lu Me

A somber light hides in the process of life
My heart in a cycle I cannot break
This love from above
a cosmic routinue I cannot shake
the tides on the bible fight
Page by page I find guidance
In the electrifying silence
Why don't I believe in me?
I suffer with every joy
I suffer with each despair
On a contstant crux of the divine
This torturing beauty of being human
This fluctuating taste of happiness
I don't want to die alone cries the raven
I don't want to live alone cries the dove
This awful fixation of the lovers
Won't you be the one to save me?
"no, no. Only you can save yourself."
Aren't you the one to finally break me?
"no, no. Only you can destroy yourself."
Lies are the smoothe bars I entrust to protect my heart
But I still bleed through to you
No matter what I do
I want to run back through time
Back through time
As I do I'm going to point and laugh at my past
Far away to the beginning of it all
I'll pause and rewrite everything on my walk back

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