Saturday, January 2, 2010

Say to yourself....

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" ... every day. Because the minute you wake, you are given the pen. With that utensil you are empowered to write whatever reality you choose.

You have a vision.
You have this dream you see, every time you close your eyes.
Its your wish for yourself. For this world.

Your EGO pops in for a visit. He uses emotion to turn your world up side down. Sometimes you give in to him. Sometimes you fall. That is part of being you. Accept your faults. Forgive yourself.

..& When you can come to terms with yourself, you will realize your "EGO" is a huge waste of time.

Follow your heart. Create whatever it is you call "ART"
Believe in god, but decide what "GOD" means to you.

Don't follow organized religion. For Organized religion is a SINGLE perception of "one man," who sits on a selfish throne of POWER.

Surrender to light.
In that you will gain INDIVIDUATION.


1 comment:

J.E.L.L.i. said...

There's so much love inside of you.. and it's so wonderful.. never ever hold it back !