Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009 - 11:14 am


Even though you pray in the darkness
Someday there will come a light
That will break through all this confusion
But the chaos can be half the fun
So slice the strings
that are tying you down
& toss those crazy bitches to the ground

Be inspired by the morning
and enthralled by the night

where do I go?
I don't want to know right now.
I just want to live
I want to invade my skin
& get back whats rightfully mine

There's love inside that no one can touch
but they can take all the rest
All the keys are out of tune in my head
so find another song to play.

And all the glass that shattered
will piece together with your heart
maybe on some other planet

So warm inside your arms
So safe inside my head
& every thing you said
will never leave

One day
I won't have to visit the headstones
I'll be able to just look into your eyes

I can see myself
& I'm not there yet

Pulling my body weight out of this ditch
Hanging from barbed wire

I have to get my head straight
even if that means
going crazy
We're all going crazy.

The dim day
The calm before the storm
I fall
But I cannot feel the floor
Though the seeds wait
beneathe the frozen ground
Like winter, Death likes to linger round
I am on the mountain
Now prepare to fly
I can see diamonds in the blood
Like the stars glisten in your eye
There's not much further to go
yet the road is endless
There's not that much time left
yet we are timeless
All you have to do
is survive.
Who will shoot the gun that
will sound off the riots?
Like flags on the raceway.
We are only half way there.
Only half way.
Cold stale air
It reminds me of love.
Warmth: Deceit
Like Jesus kissed your feet.
It'll all make sense in the end.
If not we can begin again.




a metal smoothie
Striking on a cold day
Condition unknown
My mind opens like a flower
on a dead branch
Barely there
barely hanging on
Still so real
Trying to feel
We're so beautiful blank
& such tragic strangers
Stay and lets venture astray
Stay with intentions of enforcing
whats strictly razor sharp ambition.
I wed you to my dreams
I engage you to my sorrows
Sometimes nothing more
then what i like to do
somtimes nothing more
then breathing with you
Spring brings rain
Wet earth
Run through the forest
Secondary raindrops
dripping from the trees new leaves
It reminds me of babies
Its all so lovely
Its all so.

Sunflowerdagger says Forgivness. . .
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 7:03 pm

Is a clean Canvas.
But the sin is still there underneath the white primer
No matter what. You cannot get away from yourself. Ever.

Don't we all surrender to reality?
A cult
Searching for the answer to it all.
Blistered from the sun
Froze by the moon
wounds bleed
beneathe the skin
Pouring rains mute the
That seems to haunts us all
The world a void
God is the void
May he rest in peace
count the ticks
as I
tally the tocks

Sitting in a room
keeping both eyes on the clock
Something has gone terribly wrong

& you don't believe your as great as you are.

Yet everything will be alright
Says the mother in me.
Maybe thats all she'll be
Will you allow children
to forget how to sing?

What am I feeling?
Why am I alive?

("shhhh" he says, "You'll see in time")

The body is fragile
yet seconds as this sheild
that cages a frail heart
& this faithless hope

Life fancies blood
Its his favorite drink

I'm on the worlds menu
Your on the menu every night
we lay on the silver platter
Blanketed in the seasonings
Drugged: into a deep sleep

The poncho:
Protects us from the rain
but coats acid to burn our skin

The Trend:
Might as well be a new religion.

Do you hear whispers in your skull?
Are you going crazy?
Ask yourself?
No, its :god:
Then its :god:
If the answer is voices
then your hearing voices

How do I erase myself from you?
How do I delete you?

Only asking in case I wanted to.

We could drive.
If we go off a cliff...
:don't worry:
We could fly

Dance untill I find you
All the way down the trail
Please excuse my distance
Sometimes I can be cold as Hell.

I don't really like Venus
Jupiter has always brought me....
and Mars has a core of mirriors.
Earth doesn't seem real when compared to every thing else of all.

Worthless creatures to the swollen ego.
Humans have a "canibal soul" food chain
I feel like vermin sometimes
Keep a eye out for the mouse traps

They'll break more than just your fingers.


SO what cheddar do you prefer?
You might as well get what you want
when the metal snaps down

I shoved my self into a capsule the other day
But only one person gets to take me

I'm thinking its the only way
to really sink
underneath or into
some ones skin.

Wouldn't it be so nice to just loose your self
to dissolve helplessly into another
Poof! you are one.


Does no one have a big enough throat?
I guess we can just use fire.

As dead as the desk
As alive as the telephone


"Hi,Yea I uh would like the toll free number to hell."

Get your ass to the cross roads if its that important to you.

No thanks
I'm a fvcking ceiling star
You can wander the side lines
Is above out of bounds?
Take anything you want
because in the .....

*black out*

Sometimes black holes get activated
and there's really no turning back
Life does move kind of fast.
We are in a time machine.
Its all starcraft.

& your a sugar coated bullet in a cupcake gun baby.

Frosting foaming from your mouth

If someone loves you.
& they become a zombie. A.K.A (the living dead)
Well if they really love you
They won't eat you. They'll just rip into your neck and infect you so you can be apart of their zombie life. Or apart of their lack of life thereof.

P.S. You see? this is what I call true, or Zombie love.
P.S.2. If you don't have any relation to the individual zombie. Or your relationship can be summed up as "enimies"
Then you'd better whip out your chainsaw. There is no after living of non-living for you.

Its funny I always watch horror movies and the whole time I'm thinking to my self.
"Good lord, Sweet fvck, I shouldn't be watching this."
I mean it really can't be good for the soul.

Eats laziness away

Sit with someone under the sunshine
Tie some flowers into a headband or jewelry.
& just talk about the sunshine.
Its the greatest thing in this world
besides love.

I love people that wear headphones and space them self so far off from society that they star singing loudly walking the city streets.

I don't even care if their singing a shitty song.
I just love that their singing.

The door is cracked
slightly open
I see the glow of candlesticks

& I must go.


Sunday, February 22, 2009 - 6:43 am

I can't find my way to the paper
Found my hand with a pen
words spilling worlds
keyboards turning into pianos
of rhythmic static symphonies
That lay all dreamers to sleep in their
twilight stained skies

It pulls you in every direction

That thin layer of skin is all that separates us
..this frustrates me
so I invited you to dig in
Past those frail barriers
The burn turns black
The wind stays stale

Under my skin
Within my silent hell

Provoke and just like the angels
demons will come.

I tie my fears behind my back
I let the sun rise on confusion

I know its the chaos
that tastes tastes.....

What is society's dose?
Dose for the day
Dose for your way

I see this rock alley way... cool blue shades
Shadowed beings dancing.
We fvck until....
we break the dawn.

What makes you feel so alive?

Po*dunk....piss....pass me that vodka
...I work in 3
How do you start a day
with a night like this.

over you

Sunday, February 15, 2009 - 12:01 am

A spider bit me on my lips.
Should I call this a kiss?
Back and forth
the window rolls
Peering through
this curtain of strings

There will come a time where
this world will vanish.
To ask when is a fool's game
Because time owns no time.

There he lays
on the grave of my heart
& for me he slays the dove

Given no mind
All thoughts

Can you dig into me
Where the X marks the spot
Can I dig down deep
to your treasure?
To the gold that kings
and queens bathe in.

What is reality?
If everything dies.
Are your secrets locked
or engraved in your being?

Lies on your lashes
Blink the connection away.
Kiss in the darkness of the lid

Save sight
for another night

From Hell, comes Heaven.

From Heaven, comes Hell.

A blog.
Sunday, February 8, 2009 - 9:04 pm

I feel the earth crumble below my feet.
I can feel the machine.
Its only when I look in the peoples eyes
do I slow down my pace
& control my feet.

You don't fvcking know
the shit that I see.

Every day is a mourning
of the past
& eating doesn't feed the hunger
Lust: doesn't feel this void of love

I am with out you

but I can feel you inside of me.

Fvcking my soul
with every word
that your lips spill

Dear Starlite Sky,
Thursday, June 25, 2009 - 10:16 pm

I felt you fly
and I know your waiting

exactly where you belong

and for every living soul that you have inspired

will be waiting to join you in your palace.

And may all of gods love be with your Wife.

She loves you

in a way...more than I do.


You are now part of the ONE.

Rest in peace

and love be with you.


The world is getting high
sex waves goodbye to intellect
minds run dry
boxes full of white light

tended nature
ticketed forests
dead end trails
venture to the great divide

hypnotizing screens
above the baby's crib
winter weddings
of frost coated death

peeling the skin
of a petal fair
to insulate your cold skin
enter my mind
before my pussy

give the earth some time
to match the rotation of the sky
love has an attraction curse
love has a beautiful eye
love is tagged with a sufficent price
of maybes and whys and tries

Tangled in this mess
baby of the wires
baby of the trees
baby of thought
baby of the begining
What baby do we bear?

the future holds
supressed sights
of midnight frights
baby baby baby
there is still good out there

cut out the beauty from the magazine of filth
paste them on your wall
an when the wolf start howling
know love is the strongest brick of all

To divide all the things we realize.
Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 10:55 pm

Down and about
we travel the route

pale as the naked
smooth as the raven

Please plead for yourselves

I have found happiness in poverty

when blessings come
I'm still a vampire

stealing the blood from the Rich

transfusion into the poor

Riding through the mountains as you space travel to stay as young as young can be

when whats in your heart is all I need.

Make our world that much closer

white horses into the rising dawn

If you'd Only
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 11:49 pm

let things bee

your might understand that there is no exsistance in being.

That seperation of self allows the void to become whole.

what if every song was sang un-noticed?

Would you feel the friction on your souls ear?

would your heart skip a beat and notice the difference?

and if for just this once you could rest and stop all this "seeking."

Would you ever be able to dance amongst the very torture that has your entire purpose so enthralled?

and if for just this once

you'd only

turn to me

And say every word that your tongue has been collecting.

What truth would you spoil me with?

Or what lie would you allow to rot me?

Can I offer you a drink?
Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 11:21 pm

Some whiskey? ...Wine? How about a nice cold Cola...???

Please take a bite of the crackers and cheese,,,

All while doing so...

Tell me your story please.

"You see there was this man, There but entirely invisible. So caught up in his ways that...he failed to realize.. He failed to realize the only truth in his life."

You can sit in a chair, on a grey day...outside getting drenched by rain. But do you ever stop to realize that its actually raining?

Saturday, May 23, 2009 - 8:34 am

Every morning stands silent
amongst your song
and every one rises
with the distance
in your setting condition
of withered hope
and transparent confusion

The divine transcend
into the infinity
of the aged man

the aged god
of our transgressions

bloodline of the works
come together
people born
into & on this earth

your "world" will blend with the sky

as will I

as will I

what is & what isn't.
Monday, May 11, 2009 - 11:33 pm

it is not anger
not an outburst of previous
hatered that once dwelled
and festered inside on its own

what it is
is what it is.

their white gloves say that there is no dust on this picture

what it is
its old

at night I am greeted by black clouds
wrapping around me in my bed

during day I am engulfed in white light
shining straight through my soul heart & head.

to be finished
is to lay down the love.

terrible piece
now that I am sure.

sunny D
miss dagger
sun daggy


Burns across my intentions.
Sick, blind, weak men at my disposal.
I'm climbing this mountain.
Wishing for the peak of my aspirations.
The tumble is just as real as the climb.
& though my glittered, plastic mind
refuses to see it.
This world is just as ugly as it is divine.
I file the skin on my fingertips down.
As I drag them on either side of the corridor.
Carving all this havoc
Like cave drawings in hell.
Raindrops of blood
feeds the flower.
Tears, blood, or rain?
They all blend in
complimenting the storm.
My happiness is my saddness.
My blindness is my sight.
My entire meaining is this void.
This blackhole, I call my soul.
Sucking you in for the ride.

The Beauty with a beast.
Sunday, January 25, 2009 - 1:05 am

The stars that hide behind the moon. The stars no mathematician can measure to.At the speed of light, I call out to the sky for you. At the speed of light I fall. Fighting on the inside...a war. What do you wager your life for? Washed up on the soul like a smoothe shell. Washed up in the lava beds of my own rainbowed hell. Bitter-sweet the taste. Bitter-sweet the song. Putrid intentions.
Life then comes.
Used. By the smiling vultures.
Loved by the faceless man.
Comforted by a loving voice.
Like a crazy man.
Are you the fool?
Are you the queen?
Can you take dirty blood
and make it clean?

A lady's house with antique trinkets.
Scattered, colorful, silly.

that had nothing to do with this
that was just a funny dream.

now now....

Links to lead to comfort.
Links that lead to you.
I close my eyes tight.
I don't get darkness.

I think.
Therefore I am & I think of you
People bathing in their creature comforts of their audited bliss

money money money
what do you think about money?

its only real because we made it so.
An illusion we can't erase.

I just see a blood stained paper.
Once again, blood stained cotton.

The 7 deadly sins.
Do you believe they are.

What if they all become one?

Would that be the ultimate crime?
Or the perfect behavior?

Its 1:17a.m...I've had to much company today....too many bodies.

So look at me know I'm a bit disconnected.

I'm not a robot so where can I build a bridge tonight?

What do you all think about whats been going on?
On here especially.
Is every one happy?
This is sunflower checking in, with her weird ways.

So it looks like we lost a fellow pumpkin head. I consider you all this strange extended family. Honestly I've been really sad lately. I feel like a flame has burnt out.
I know we all think this shouldn't of happened but it really did. Its really about what you say...even online. You can take any online forum or site as superficial networking. Or misleading mingling... but fact is, your still dealing with very real people. & people...well, we're all very sensitive. Sometimes they are shouting through the screen...but we mistakenly blow it off. Like a online *cold shoulder*

Hold on to whatever it is that makes you happy.
Like a child that clings to their teddy-bear as they face the monsters in the dark.

...jeezus I want to hear some happy stories.
Some corny jokes or something.

knock knock!!!

who's there?


Me who?

me wuvs you.


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